Harmac Oxygen Plant

“Harmac Pacific uses oxygen gas in the pulping process, primarily for delignification that assists in breaking down wood fibres before the bleaching stage. Historically, Harmac purchased this oxygen from external sources and it was delivered to site via transport truck. After a thorough feasibility assessment it was determined that producing oxygen on-site is a more financial and secure long term option. In addition, the lifecycle emissions of producing oxygen gas are significantly reduced through improved process efficiency and decreased transportation requirements. Praxair Canada Inc. and Nanaimo Forest Products Ltd. entered into an agreement in 2019 whereby the former would construct an on-site oxygen plant to provide process gas.

The 463 m3 per hour capacity vacuum pressure swing absorption plant has now been commissioned. This marked a material change to our operations as we now produce all necessary oxygen gas on-site and do not require truck deliveries. This new equipment has driven an increase in operating hours as the new plant is operational 8500 hours per year. Harmac Pacific is providing this public notice of operating hour change to comply with section 4.6.5 of BC Hydro’s Tariff Supplement 74 and will request a transfer to RS 1823A effective February 1, 2021.”